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Auspak Financial Services has been a trusted provider of lending solutions since 1998. Our accredited mortgage consultants have access to a wide range of lenders to find a home loan solution to suit your needs.

With local knowledge, small business acumen, a wealth of finance experience and the strength of our parent company Homeloans Ltd, Auspak is uniquely placed to deliver a premium customer experience.

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make, and can be a stressful and complicated experience. There are countless lenders with different products and competition amongst them is fierce. New options seem to be available each day.

Our aim is to simplify the process and help you achieve a solution that works hard for you now, and in the future. We will evaluate your personal position and match your finance to your needs.

We offer a variety of lending solutions for

First home buyers
If you are ready to stop renting and get into your own home, Auspak can help cut through the mortgage jargon and find a loan that suits your needs.
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Would you like to make your money work for you?  Buying an investment property may allow you to take advantage of the associated tax benefits and introduce a regular and steady income stream.
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Running your own business is stressful enough! That’s why Auspak can provide easy options for self-employed borrowers wanting to purchase a new home or refinance their existing debts.
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If you are looking for a new loan with a better rate and more features, or would like to consolidate your debts into one easy to manage repayment and save interest, speak to an Auspak consultant today.
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We also offer
Business and commercial loans
Obtaining business or commercial finance can be a maze for customers, with various financiers offering a myriad of options. Negotiating the most favourable debt structures for your business is Auspak’s commitment to you – saving you time and resources.
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Leasing and equipment finance
Leasing is the term given to borrowing where the ownership of the asset remains with the financier, with you using the asset under contract for a specified term. If you take a loan instead of a lease, you would be taking the ownership of the asset and offering it or something else for security.
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Deposit bonds
Deposit bonds act as a substitute for the cash deposit between signing a contract and settlement of the property. At settlement the purchaser is required to pay the full purchase price including the deposit.  This means that during the time between exchange and settlement you are able to leave your cash invested and earning interest.
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Personal loans
A personal loan gives you the ability to obtain an asset or good now, and pay for it over time. This gives you immediate ownership, however you may need to provide the asset, or another asset, as security prior to a financier providing you the means to buy.
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Financial planning
Today more than ever, people who are serious about protecting their financial security and developing their financial freedom are looking for better quality advice.
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Whatever your finance needs we welcome the opportunity to talk to you. Please contact us today for an obligation free consultation.

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Auspak Financial Services has access to a panel of lenders which can be viewed in our credit guide. While this panel does cover a broad range of lenders, borrowers should be aware that it does not include all lenders available in the market.