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No matter what type of borrower you are, from a first home buyer to a seasoned investor, Auspak has a loan that is perfect for you. Select the type of loan that you require from the list below to find out more.

Variable and Fixed Rate Loans
Whether it is for the purchase of a new home or the consolidation of existing debts, for most borrowers a standard home loan will be the solution to their lending needs.

Standard home loans require regularly scheduled principal and interest or interest only repayments on a fixed or variable rate and full income declaration.

Lines of Credit
A line of credit is a flexible transactional mortgage that allows you to access your funds through a variety of methods including credit card, debit card or EFTPOS.

A line of credit is often used by those wishing to access the equity in their existing home for renovations, investments or other purposes such as a holiday or buying a car.

Many Australians use a line of credit for debt minimisation, where by they have their salary directly deposited into the loan and use a credit card for day to day purchases. The credit card balance is then paid from the line of credit before the interest-free days expire.

Lo Doc Loans
Lo doc loans are designed specifically for self-employed borrowers who may not be in a position to provide traditional forms income evidence.

Lo doc loans are available as fully featured term loans or lines of credit but may be at a higher rate than standard (full doc) home loans.

Bridging Finance
Selling your current home while you are searching for a new one can be a stressful situation. Bridging finance offers you a simple solution and Auspak has access to a number of Bridging Loans.
Offset Loans
100% offset loans may help you to decrease the amount of interest you pay on your home loan. Simply by depositing your salary into your offset account you will immediately decrease the amount of interest you pay.

How does it work?

The balance of your offset account essentially decreases your loan balance. The more money you have in your offset account, the lower your loan account balance (that your interest repayment calculation is based on) will be.

How to make your offset account work for you

  • Have a salary / income deposited into the offset account
  • Transact on your offset account with your debit card (i.e. ATM, EFTPOS, giroPost & BPAY)
  • Repayments are made from the offset account to loan ccount
  • You can redraw from your loan account to offset account if required
  • Ensure that you have sufficient funds in this account for loan repayments

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Auspak Financial Services has access to a panel of lenders which can be viewed in our credit guide. While this panel does cover a broad range of lenders, borrowers should be aware that it does not include all lenders available in the market.